4th Annual 

Early Bird Sale runs from
September 28 – December 14th, 2021

If you place an order and have it shipped in 
late January or February 2022! 

$20,000 and up Get 10% disc. 
$17,000 to $19,999 Get 9% disc.
$15,000 to $16,999 Get 8% disc. 
Minimum to $14,999 Get 7% disc. 

Place a second order in January or February
 for March 2022 delivery.
Wholesalers $5000 minimum order.
 Dealers $1000 minimum order. 

Don't forget to mark your order as

 "Early Bird"  

including a request-to-ship date in
JAN / FEB 2022!

Early Bird gets the worm